VR & body tracking create Augmented Role-Play: part game, part performance, all in real space.

Augmented Role-Play

is the term given to the technologically-augmented participatory performance located at the junction of theatre, games, and augmented reality. A technology stack allows the player's body to interact with virtual elements overlaid on real-world architecture, allowing performances to interrogate the relationship between the player, the performer, the virtual, and the actual. By allowing an improvisational flexibility in the performer's spoken words and the technological structure, the experience becomes one that is generous and generative, flexible and permeable, unique based on the participant’s choices, both social and structural.

Augmented Role-Play is the result of a research-creation process inspired by devised theatre and game design practices. By interrogating tools and technologies, and by undertaking play-based experimentation with theatre performers and improvisers, two augmented installations were created. Above is a demonstration of the collaborative and generative potential of the augmented role-play technology stack.

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